E4 Events

Event Title:Seminars & Workshops for STEAM Education
Country of Venue:Turkey
Start Date:2023-05-13
End Date:2023-05-13

There will be a multiplier event organized in Zonguldak, Turkey in May 2023. The event will be led by PEKSA with the participation of the teachers in different fields as they are the main target group of the project. Besides the teachers and prospective teachers, other stakeholders will be invited (local authorities, public bodies, policy makers, other education organizations) by hosting organizations. The participants are going to be informed about the event via the invitations sent through different ways such as formal letters, emails, social media ads. They will need to fill an online application form to participate. Demographic data will be collected through this form to be used in the planning process of the multiplier event. For example, considering the competencies and branches of the teachers could be decisive for the sessions and topics of keynote speakers.