E5 Events

Event Title:STEAMing Out of the Box
Country of Venue: Turkey
Start Date:2023-05-13
End Date:2023-05-13

“STEAMing Out of the Box” will be the second multiplier event in Turkey. While the one in Zonguldak will target mostly teachers, the one in Ankara will target academicians in STEAM disciplines more. An open call will be made both to the relevant department of universities, and schools. The prospective teachers will also be invited. Other stakeholders like local authorities, public bodies, policy makers will be reached by HU to host them in the ME. The participants are going to be informed about the event via the invitations sent through different ways such as formal letters, emails, social media ads. Participants will fill an online application form to participate. Demographic data will be collected through this form to be used in the planning process of the multiplier event. For example, considering the competencies and branches of the teachers could be decisive for the sessions and topics of keynote speakers.