There are four intellectual outputs as Gamified GeoGebra, Open Online Course about STEAM Education,Open Educational Resources: GeoGebra for STEAM Education and Ebook about STEAM education which will be produced collaboratively under a partner’s leadership.
Start Date:2020-10-01
End Date:2021-09-30

Leading Organisation: Hacettepe University
IO1: Gamified GeoGebra
Game elements will be embedded into the GeoGebra platform to disseminate the usage of GeoGebra dynamic software among teachers from different fields, increase the production and sharing of educational resources, creating a teacher community based on the social network of this platform.
For Access: https://www.geogebra.org/m/nmmmzgzn 
Start Date:2021-10-01
End Date:2022-03-31

Leading Organisation: JYVÄSKYLÄN YLIOPISTO
IO2: Educational Methods, Resources and Tools Online Course for Teachers
An open online course (OOC) on STEAM education will be designed and implemented. The powerful part of this professional development course will be presenting topics from various aspects and providing the opportunity for teachers to develop their own STEAM project ideas and educational materials.Several individual “magic crates” will be created, which are to be filled up according to the individual needs by the participants themselves. Based on these techniques the teachers will be able to carry out engaging and motivating projects in their schools, that helps students to enjoy the STEAM learning process, reaching the state of being in the flow.
For Access: https://course.steamboxproject.eu.
Start Date:2022-04-01
End Date:2022-09-30

Leading Organisation: KAPOSVARI EGYETEM
IO-3: Open Access Course Resources
Open Educational Resources (OER) about STEAM Education will be developed via GeoGebra software and published in the GeoGebra platform which has over 100 million users. In addition to these interactive materials, hands-on materials will be created.Applications developed via GGB, hands on materials, created by using traditional methodologies like constructions with physical manipulatives such as sticks, tapes, paper also digital techniques based on for example 3d printing 4dFrame learning and teaching resources form a repository that are our Open Educational Resources. Public discussion, feedback on the GGB portal will enable continuous internal and external evaluations. This public Citizen Research Approach will contribute to the improvement of the materials’ quality. The best applications, qualified products developed by teachers – till Open Online Courses – will be selected to be part of the collection of resources for STEAM education.
Start Date:2022-10-01
End Date:2023-04-30
Leading Organisation:UNIVERSITAT LINZ

IO-4: E-Book for STEAM Education
An e-book on STEAM Education, to be prepared in collaboration with researchers, teachers and practitioners, which will include research results, good practices of integrating disciplines, and relevant pedagogies inside and outside schools, will be published.. It will be accessible from the GeoGebra website, networks, project website and the Erasmus Plus Project Results website. Our GeoGebra networks will substantially contribute to the large-scale impact.
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Book-2: more